What is the Typical Klonopin Withdrawal Timeline?

To learn more about the similarities and differences between clonazepam and Xanax, you can refer to this comparison article. You can also talk with healing from living with alcoholic parents your medical professional or pharmacist. Your medical professional can advise if it’s safe for you to take Klonopin if you have breathing problems.

Extra opioids, alcohol and drugs can increase your risk of an overdose. You may be eager to reach your goal, but your body needs time to adjust to lower levels of opioids, and then to none at all. A step-by-step plan to lower how much opioid medicine you take will help this process go smoothly. This slow tapering also helps ease the discomfort you may feel as you stop taking opioids. During this time, you can practice new skills to manage pain and other long-term symptoms too. If you’re concerned about misuse and addiction with Klonopin, it’s advised that you talk with your medical professional.

  1. “Then they realize if they don’t take them, they can’t sleep or they feel anxious or irritable,” but they may not understand that these are signs of physical dependence on the drugs.
  2. For this use, you’ll likely take Klonopin three times per day.
  3. I hope to be klonopin free in 4 months, but if I must go slower, then I must.
  4. Connect with thousands of patients and caregivers for support, practical information, and answers.

I hope to be klonopin free in 4 months, but if I must go slower, then I must. Please take care and do not despair you can eventually get there as I am sure I will eventually get there too. This medication is great, it does the job for my anxiety, but I, just as many others have stated do not like the mental “fog” that comes along with it.

The higher the dose, the greater chance of harm

We also suggest you talk with your medical professional for more information about Klonopin’s boxed warnings. Snorting Klonopin is an example chronic relapsing disease of misusing the drug. Depression is a possible side effect of Klonopin. So taking the drug to treat depression may worsen the condition.

Your medical professional can recommend other treatments for you. Before taking Klonopin, it’s recommended that you tell your medical professional whether you have acute narrow-angle glaucoma. Klonopin may raise the pressure inside your eye, which could worsen glaucoma. Taking a medication with certain drugs, foods, vaccines, and other substances may affect how the medication works. The half-life of Klonopin is about 30 to 40 hours.

Ask a pharmacist

He seemed concerned about me takin 2mg a day for the last 2 days… If you still have questions about Klonopin after reading this article, we recommend that you talk with your medical professional. Together you can decide if Klonopin might be a good choice for you. The costs of prescription medications may depend on several factors, such as your insurance coverage and the pharmacy you use.

This is because the drug isn’t typically prescribed as a long-term treatment. When low blood pressure was reported in studies, it typically happened as a sudden drop in blood pressure when people went from sitting to standing. This condition is known as orthostatic hypotension. Most medications, including Klonopin, may cause side effects that can be serious or mild. To give you an idea of what might occur with Klonopin, we’ve listed some of the medication’s more common side effects below.

Many drugs, including Klonopin, can cause an allergic reaction. In studies of the drug, this side effect was rare. Low blood pressure may occur with Klonopin treatment. This wasn’t a common side effect in studies of the drug. Sexual side effects may occur with Klonopin treatment. These side effects were common in studies of the drug.

Data sources include Micromedex (updated 3 Mar 2024), Cerner Multum™ (updated 17 Mar 2024), ASHP (updated 20 Mar 2024) and others. Like many other prescription sedatives, Klonopin is a popular drug of abuse and many people misuse it to get high. Even patients who take it to relieve mental anxiety can get hooked, as it carries a high risk of dependence, abuse, and addiction. Licensed medical professionals review material we publish on our site.

According to experts at the World Health Organization (WHO), acute symptoms typically continue, on and off, for two to eight weeks. Connect with thousands of patients and caregivers for support and answers. Connect with thousands of patients and caregivers for support, practical information, and answers. @kittymama I have been reading about taking magnesium and zinc too.

Weaning Yourself Off Clonazepam

My tablets come in 0.5mg so I take away 1/4 of a tablet every 2 weeks. It is easy because my tablets are scored so they’re easy to break into quarter tablets. I take my Klonopin divided into three doses a day.

Sign up for our newsletter to get tips directly in your inbox. For Nicole Lamberson, a former physician’s assistant who went to detox 13 years ago to get off Xanax, Klonopin and Ambien, the struggle is ongoing. After years of being bedridden, she is still unable to work full time.

These seizures cause brief episodes of staring into space. Absence seizures usually last less than 15 seconds. Klonopin contains the active drug clonazepam, while Xanax contains the active drug alprazolam. If you’ve had an allergic reaction to Klonopin or any of its ingredients, it’s important to avoid taking Klonopin. Sleepiness with Klonopin can impact your coordination and ability to focus on important tasks.

Another danger that can occur despite a prescription or not, is the risk of becoming physically dependent on the substance over time. People who physically depend on the drug experience extreme difficulty when it comes time to stop usage. Going through withdrawals can cause serious health problems, including death. This is increasingly true for users that attempt to quit cold turkey.Regardless of being prescribed Klonopin or not, the best way to end dependence with the drug is by tapering off slowly. By gradually reducing the amount of Klonopin you’re taking over time, you can help your body adjust naturally, making sure it can function healthily and safely without the drug.


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